5 Quick Tips to Staging Your Home

Staging your home can be a great way to present value and help your home sell quicker. As your Lifetime Home Support Team, Amy Stockberger Real Estate (ASRE) believes in providing free tips to help reduce the stress felt during the home-selling process and move on to the next house you're ready to buy.

As part of our dedication to being the best REALTOR team in Sioux Falls, we've outlined a few quick tips you can implement to sell your home faster. #SellYourHomeFast with Amy Stockberger Real Estate, not only the number one real estate team in South Dakota but also the 13th ranked team in the nation!

Tip #1: Understand Your Timeline

Are you in the very beginning stages of selling your home and therefore, you’re not very rushed? Are you hoping to sell your house quickly because you have an offer on another home for sale in Sioux Falls? Or maybe you’re somewhere in between these two scenarios? Your level of urgency and understanding will allow you to review the remaining tips on how to stage a home to sell.

#2: Help Potential Homebuyers Visualize

Visualize your home being viewed by prospective buyers. What is unique about your home and how can you showcase these aspects effectively? What rooms will potential buyers want to see most? Are there any sore spots that need to be buttoned up or painted? Don’t underestimate the little home improvements that could add value to your sale.

Start with the main rooms in your house, such as the kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom. As it was mentioned in the first tip, if you have more time, then pay some attention to the secondary rooms. Once you've built your checklist of important rooms and what needs to be done you can move on to Tip #3!

Tip #3: Time to Organize and Declutter

Now that you’re mentally prepared and you’ve created your checklist, it's time to start working! The best advice here is to remind yourself that "simplicity wins." Basically, the time has come for organizing and decluttering, and this will help give you a leg up when you need to begin packing for your next home. (Click here for tips on how to pack like a pro!)

Tip #4: Clean Your Home

Now that you've decluttered your home, it's time to start cleaning. Based on your timeline, budget, and desire, you may need to hire a cleaning service or simply get after it yourself. Since we've sold thousands of homes in Sioux Falls and its surrounding areas, we've heard this can be one of the most hated phases of the entire process. How you present your home will greatly influence whether or not you are able to maximize your profit, so it may be worth the investment to hire a cleaning service to take the stress out of staging your home.

Tip #5: Curb Appeal

Okay, you’ve made a checklist of home improvements. You’ve mastered the art of decluttering. Your home is as clean as it’s ever been. Great work! The last of our Quick 5 Tips to Staging Your Home is all about curb appeal. Depending on where you live—in the suburbs, in the country, or on a farm—there are various ways to create curb appeal when selling your house. It’s important to think like a prospective buyer. What would you notice or appreciate when viewing your home?

If you're selling your home in Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg, Brandon, or any other surrounding community, our team is available to help. We've served thousands of clients by listening to their needs and providing expert advice from staging a home to interior design to financing (and so much more). Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or moving to a different location, our Lifetime Home Support Team is here for you. Call us at (605) 340-1933 and schedule a FREE consultation so we can help you #SellYourHomeFast and for more money.